Maestro Series

Maestro Series

Immerse yourself in a lifelike concert experience. BASSCANNON™ technology recreates deep subwoofer tremors that you can feel.


Maestro Series

FATfreq's Flagship Series 2023
Built with BASSCANNON™

HBB Deuce

Experience the golden ratio of Punch and Rumble with FATfreq's 2nd gen Basscannon Technology. Enjoy phase-accurate, 3D soundstage at unbeatable value.

"Scarlet" Mini

Experience raw power with World's First 30dB sub-bass shelf, expertly controlled under 250Hz. Custom Hyper Tweeter provides unrivaled brilliance to 40kHz.

Maestro Mini

A project that began with the intent of creating a monitor that encompasses all the goals of the Flagship MAESTRO series - All at an unbeatable price point.


Unparalleled mix of precision and musicality with incredible headroom. Hybrid technology gives exceptional bass control while keeping phase-accuracy up to 25kHz.

Maestro SE

Tribrid technology uses a combination of DD, BA, and EST drivers for best-in-class airiness on the treble registers, supported with a deep and controlled sub-bass.

Gr. Maestro

FATfreq's Top-of-the-Line Monitor for Year 2022. Award-winning frequency response with exceptional bass feedback. NOAH Pressure Relief Module prevents ear fatigue.

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