Essential add-ons to go with your IEM package
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IEM Cleaning Tool - FATFreq
IEM Cleaning Tool
Sale price$3.00
Silica Capsule (FATBOX) - FATFreq
Silica Capsule (FATBOX)
Sale price$5.00
Budplugs TO-GO - FATFreq
Budplugs TO-GO
Sale price$19.90
FF Standard Hardcase - FATFreqFF Standard Hardcase - FATFreq
FF Standard Hardcase
Sale price$35.00
IEM Extension SPC 3.5mm Cable (1m) - FATFreqIEM Extension SPC 3.5mm Cable (1m) - FATFreq
2-Pin SPC Cables - FATFreq2-Pin SPC Cables - FATFreq
2-Pin SPC Cables
Sale price$55.00
Sale price$79.00
Lightning/USB-C Phone Adaptors - FATFreqLightning/USB-C Phone Adaptors - FATFreq
FATfreq Ear Impression Service (On-Site) - FATFreq
Budplugs Lite Custom-fit - FATFreqBudplugs Lite Custom-fit - FATFreq
Budplugs Lite Custom-fit
Sale price$129.00
NOAH Modules for Grand Maestro - FATFreqNOAH Modules for Grand Maestro - FATFreq
Budplugs Pro Custom-Fit - FATFreqBudplugs Pro Custom-Fit - FATFreq
Budplugs Pro Custom-Fit
Sale price$189.00
MM to SM Upgrade
MM to SM Upgrade
Sale price$200.00


IEM Accessories for your In-ear monitors. Designed in Singapore

Keep your IEMs and ear tips clean from debris and earwax. Used to maintain and extend the lifespan of IEMs.

Use a sturdy, protective case to safely store and transport your IEMs, designed to prevent damage
and cable tangling.

Our in-ear monitor cable is replaceable for customization, repair, or upgrading,
featuring quad-braided design with ear guides for secure wear around the ears.

Connect your IEMs to phones and various technological devices. Comes in USBC to 3.5mm jack or Lightning to 3.5mm jack

FATfreq's custom earplugs offer a secure fit with various sizes for different ear shapes.
Our Ear Impression Service in Singapore ensures perfectly fitted IEMs.

Enjoy clarity in sound at loud concert venues at a lower, safer volume.

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